Black Lab Mix Female in need of a Furever Home

Judeau and I celebrated National Dog Day on August 26th at an outdoor festival hosted by Brewhound a forthcoming dog park and bar in Neptune Beach (be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, they are doing amazing work in the community!).


We had an absolute blast and I bring it up now as a segway for the real reason for this post. For the last 4 days, the Bearded One and I have been fostering a stray pup who turned up in our neighborhood.

Animal Care & Protective Services held a Mega adoption event all weekend and was unable to perform any intake services.

I would like to successfully rehome her to a loving, secure, and trustworthy person or family.

Found 9/6 | No Microchip | Not sure if she is spayed or not

Around 2-3 years old (give or take, still very much a puppy)

Incredibly sweet and loving with lots of energy

Walks well on a leash | Knows how to sit | Fast learner | Eager to please


Here is her story:

The tall, long-haired human keeps calling me Pretty Girl, so I guess I will go with that for now. When she came up to me on the street I was really scared at first. People have been kind of mean as I’ve been wandering around telling me to get away and it hurts my feelings. It has been a crazy time traveling around – there have been some fun smells, but honestly I can’t remember a lot of it anymore except the being scared part – and I was so hungry!

This human knelt down and put meat slices on the ground and they smelled pretty good. I followed a trail of them until I found a big bowl of wet (which I ignored for a while because I just wanted more meat slices… she kept saying turkey but I just call it delicious). But then I drank some and it was pretty reviving.

Now I sit on the patio and watch dragonflies and wait for her to come out and give me food and pets. I get so excited when that door opens I just want to jump and hug but she makes me sit first before she will pet me. I always go the extra mile and give her my paw to shake. She really likes that!

I really really really want to follow her through the glass wall she opens but she won’t let me for some reason. I have a theory it is because of the furry potato pup that walks around inside. I can see him through the glass and he looks fun! But maybe he doesn’t want to play (although that seems pretty insane to me).

I like my patio because there is a whirling wind that blows directly on me when I lay on the soft rug and I can go outside whenever I want. But it gets a little lonesome. Sometimes a big bearded human comes out and he pets me a little bit and gives me treats. He keeps calling me Buretta Reynolds. I don’t get it but he seems to think it’s funny.

A couple of times over the last few days the tall, long-haired human looped a leash around my neck and we walked to the park and I LOVED IT! Then we came back and I got more treats. This is really almost the life, but I also feel like something is missing.

It would be so wonderful if a human family let me inside of their home and inside of their heart. It would be the absolute best.

UPDATE: Pretty Girl was adopted and is now Sammy! She has a loving home and a new “little” brother.


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