About a Blog

Take a simple and creative approach to cooking and baking.

Choose flavors you know you love, but don’t neglect branching out!

Never pass up the chance to capture (and encourage) a corgi photobomb.

Learn from others (including any bearded man husband person that shares the kitchen).

Taste it all.

This practice is exhibited here, and it works for me!

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  1. Thank you for participating in yesterday’s Shamrocks-N-Shepherds event for K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue at Veterans United Craft Brewery!

    We feel it was a tremendous success and hope that you had some new business, old business and lots of interest.

    Would you be interested in attending any future dog events (or other events) that we may have? Would you be interested in doing a beer pairing with some of your foods? We’d love to have you participate!

    Thank you again!


    Sheryl Gamble
    Co-Founder / Co-Owner
    Veterans United Craft Brewery
    8999 Western Way #104
    Jacksonville, Florida 32256
    Veteran Owned & Operated

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