Go FIGure

Leaves rough as a cat’s tongue cover the wispy silver trunk of our new fig tree friend, Miss Figgy. As this fig tree grows, her unusual shape will fit perfectly in our less than uniform garden. She now sits no taller than two beer cans on top of a short wooden crate.

We celebrated a breezy Wednesday evening, quenching Miss Figgy’s thirst with a long draught of hose water, hopeful that her roots will take and her transition from small plastic bucket to the backyard of Blue House will be a fruitful one (pun intended).

A new discovery in Mexican-style lagers greeted me recently and two cans joined us outside. El Sully from 21st Amendment Brewery drew my attention initially because of the design and artwork on the can.  The light flavor features its own brand of playful subtleties and it is perfection for warm weather and outside enjoyment. Cheers to you Miss Figgy!


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