Faux Fromage

20160415_062728 (1)

Cheese has a warm and gooey place in my heart. Creamy Havarti, briny feta, soft brie, silky mozzarella, salty parmesan… I love cheese.


I also empathize with the vegan plight to achieve successful alternatives that emulate all that is delectable about cheesy perfection. In that vein, I found a delightful experience in sampling the Lisanatti Almond Mozzarella Style Cheese .

Does this imitator taste like mozzarella cheese? No.


It does taste delicious. Lush and velvety, this slightly speckled block of saltiness could pass for real cheese in a blind taste test.


I used it to top a bowl of veggie soup on a rainy spring evening and the meltability factor did not disappoint. For those of you searching for a vegan alternative for your pizzas, this is a GRATE choice!


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  1. Oh dang the picture of the soup and faux cheese just sold me. This sounds perfect!! I’ll have to try it.

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