Town Beer Co. Pop Up

Natural light gently illuminates the interior of this clean open space. Friendly cacti surround the furniture, stretching their arms in greeting. Unique, old-fashioned board games rest on the table ready for action. Fresh local beer flows from simple taps behind the counter, poured with care by the owners of Town Beer Co.

On a Saturday afternoon, I entered the gentle rhythm of this craft beer shop in Murry Hill – with permission of course – to set up a table of sweets for the patrons to sample.

Table with treats
Check out that table full of treats!

Always happy to spend an afternoon drinking beer, the Bearded One lent his presence and carrying skills, even after enduring my manic preparations the week leading up, along with my need to side-seat drive on the way there – sorry not sorry ;).

Beer, Jacksonville, Florida
The Bearded One drinking beer at Town Beer Co.
Merrily Baking It sign, beer, cookies, flower
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies & Kiwi the Kind Pilsner from Wicked Barley Barley Brewing Company – I snapped this picture at the beginning and it was the only one I took myself! Thankfully my friend Megan was on the scene to take more beautiful photos.

The craft beer scene in Jacksonville, Florida, continues to flourish. With so many amazing options spread across the vast landmass of Jax, it is fantastic to discover a concentration of those delicious efforts. The muted exuberance at Town Beer Co. makes the experience of hanging out there just as comforting and relaxed as it is lively and spirited (pun intended… because beer).

Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance

Treats that day included:

The Classic – Chocolate Chip Cookie
Clown Cookies – Double Chocolate w/ Jumbo M&M’s
No Name Cookies – Reese’s PB Cups, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Peanuts
CocoNutty Cookies – Coconut, Pecans, Butterscotch
Brownies – Dark Chocolate Sprinkled w/ Sea Salt
“Pear”simmon Muffins – Seasonal Pears & Persimmons Ensconced in Muffin Batter

I can’t fully express my gratitude towards Alex & Priya, the generous owners of Town Beer Co., who welcomed me to set up shop for the afternoon. If you find yourself in Jacksonville, Florida, make this a definite stop during your journey!

Thank you to my friend Megan Michelle for taking these fabulous photos. Your talent is unparalleled!

CocoNutty Cookies
CocoNutty Cookies
treats, popup, town beer co
Checking out the treats!

Looking forward to the next pop-up adventure!

Corgi, Judeau, Town Beer Co
Tired after a great afternoon of hustlin’ sweets!

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