K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue

“These are human treats…” I specified along with my best Vana White arm wave to indicate the cookie-laden table.

Photo courtesy of Megan Michelle

As the last to set up in the event room at Veterans United Craft Brewery, I ended up with a specific plot of real estate that initiated anyone’s clockwork rotation around the room. While many chuckled politely and moved along after listening to my enticing spiel, most returned after their first go around because who can resist cookies for a cause?

On March 10th, the Merrily Baking It team – including the CBO, Chief Bearded One, and CCO, Chief Corgi Officer – traded cookies (and cupcakes and brownies) for cash to benefit K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue!

Chief Bearded One

Located in Green Cove Springs, this female-led rescue applies passion, skill, and love to rehabilitate and re-home German Shepherds that make their way via various circumstances to Shep Camp. I’m a lover of all dogs, but growing up with German Shepherds cemented a special place in my heart for this specific breed.  As an avid follower of their FB page, I jumped at the opportunity to foist my penchant for baking onto their event!

If you do not do so already, I definitely recommend following their page and supporting them as you can. The effective work they do to heal and train these dogs before pairing them with their “fur”ever home brings endless inspiration.

Veterans acted as the perfect backdrop for this event. They are not only a dog-friendly brewery with fantastic beer (Buzzin’ Bee is my favorite local Jax beer), but but their recognition of the strength and importance of military service dogs added another layer of depth to the fundraiser. Veterans United also supports local dog rescues regularly and their Scout Dog of the Month (named for their Scout Dog 44 Amber Ale) seeks out potential families for deserving dogs.

The CCO of Merrily Baking It! Photo courtesy of Megan Michelle.

Pups led their humans around. Wet noses and happy lolling tongues welcomed my ear scratches and belly rubs. It’s uplifting and comforting to interact with so many people who love animals and consider their pets to be furry family members. The founder of Unleash Jacksonville (present tense) snapped photos and I learned from her about a special pup named Blue she’s currently fostering. Check out his story and get ready to feel emotions!

Mini Strawberry Blonde Cupcakes featuring Raging Blonde Ale from Veterans

Merrily Baking It raised a total of $165 monies and all of it went to the rescue! Thank you to K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue for putting on such a fantastic event and to Veterans United for hosting.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend the day sipping brews, petting pups, and sharing Merrily Baked treats with all.



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