Cheesin’ in Savannah

An extended weekend in Savannah during the spring brings wavy cobblestone paths, jasmine-scented air, and over-indulgence at its finest. The food and beer scene in this historic southern city goes far beyond the energetic atmosphere of River Street; it laces throughout magnolia-lined walkways of this homey hood studded with pearls of delight!


One of our stops, Crystal Beer Parlor, brought a relaxed atmosphere and super friendly barkeeps. Requesting something light and bright, I was directed towards Rally Point, a bohemian style pilsner from Service Brewing. This veteran-owned Savannah brewery produces a variety of year-round and seasonal libations. The name of this beer fits perfectly, as it served as great refreshment to regroup.


Smith Brothers Butcher Shop sits just around the corner from our weekend abode and we walked by countless times during our adventure. Saving it for last, we ventured inside this spacious shop before saying sayonara to the majesty of Savannah. Greeted by an amply stocked meat counter – including seafood – as well as walls of wine and novelty treats, I was drawn to the cheese supply. Two standouts made it home and became the perfect snack to relax and recuperate with on the couch.


Tallegio DOP is an Italian soft cheese with a white rind. At room temperature, it gushes out as a slender cheese knife steals a glob for a piece of apple. Super creamy with a slight sweet tang, I can eat it all by itself, though a grilled cheese would also be welcome.

Red Leicester Cheese, made locally, caught my eye by its bright fiery orange color. Slightly milder than a cheddar, this flaky wedge created craggy bites of crumbly cheese perfection.


We ate, drank, and danced our way through Savannah. These little snippets just scratch the surface – the rind of the cheese if you will – of this old city that never gets old.


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