100 Bad Guys with Sword(fish)

When shopping for dinner, it is best to go to the grocery store with a plan.


Be prepared to forget about that plan entirely if:

  1. What you want they don’t have
  2. What you want has seen better days
  3. What you want is overshadowed by stellar ingredients that catch your eye and can’t be denied.

#3 is how a beautiful swordfish steak and giant Brussel sprouts landed tickets to the hottest party in town, aka the grill at Blue House.


When something is good to begin with, choose to enhance the flavor, not smother it. The swordfish steak received a simple seasoning of salt, pepper, red pepper, paper thin garlic and onions, and a little parsley. The veggies received the same, as well as a healthy brushdown of olive oil.



Then grilling happened, an inexplicable natural phenomenon  that is pointless to attempt to theorize about because really you just have to have faith in the grill gods.



Grilling is not hard.

And it is not a ‘Man’s job’.

Grilling is its own art that takes patience and experience to get right. Which can be said about most forms of cooking.


Generally a thick swordfish steak takes about 5 to 6 minutes per side. And remember with all things grilled, once you lay it down, let it get comfortable and rest for a moment. Allow it to sink into the grill and get those gorgeous grill tattoos before flipping it over to the other side.

In the meanwhile, talk about how much you should clean your back porch and enjoy a refreshing Romantic Chemistry IPA from Dogfish Head. As someone who has a classic and unique reaction face to most IPA’s and their resemblance to bleached grass, there are few versions of this ale that receive a contented nod and smile after the first sip. This happily falls into that category due to its fruity flavor that comes from mangoes and apricots.

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  1. copychrisseo says:

    I ate that!


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