Shandy is Dandy

Force your company on an out of town friend, but always come bearing gifts.

Baked goods are a must if that skill is at hand (in this case brownies). Flowers never fail. And beer. Period.


These three create the holy trinity of gift giving delights to flatter your host or hostess into always letting you return (despite the shenanigans of your bearded husband man person, which are to be expected).


The heat of a summer that hasn’t even technically started causes cravings for light fruity effervescence, without being too sweet. Both the Lemon and the Grapefruit shandy  from the Traveler Beer Co. meet these requirements, causing you to pause and ponder which to choose as both options stare (through round glasses and a thick mustache) from the cold beer case.

The grocery store craftily featured a bogo deal, so this problem did not happen; however, if it did, sometimes the expression “YOLO” is highly apropos. Both of these shandies feature unique citrus elements that swing dance in unique patterns on your palette.

You might consider it a failure if upon arrival your host caught wind of the same deal and greets you with the same chilled bottles that fill your rolly travel cooler. When that occurs,that just means double reason to celebrate! Huzzah to endless shandies and friends with fun on the brain!


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