Beer:30 San Marco Tasting

A specific hankering brings one to Beer:30 San Marco and leads to a sensory experience of pure artistic expression manifested in the form of craft beer. Rows of glass bottles and aluminum cans featuring unique designs and logos line the shelves. A collage of stickers covers the top wall above the refrigerated case filled with inviting brews that meet any craving or curiosity. This is a gallery with an interactive twist, showcasing wall to wall craft beer and rotating drafts served up cold and sudsy.

The exploration and enjoyment of craft beer is a hobby the Bearded one and I adopted when we first started dating (when I barely drank at all and his beard was but a shadow). It has maintained its presence in our lives and acts as a straightforward means of fellowship and flavor, whether sipping on a strawberry Abita while baking, or clinking glasses of a fresh draft with friends at a local brewery or taproom.

I believe beer and cookies are a beautiful combination. The creation of each is creative expression and the enjoyment of each is an indulgent reward.

Merrily Baking It spent the better part of July 22, 2017 posted up at the entrance of Beer:30 San Marco thanks to the marvelous hospitality of the owners and employees. This remarkable opportunity to dole out cookies and cupcakes to unexpected patrons came after I reached out to them and they welcomed the collaboration! (Full disclosure, extracted and recycled some of the above description of beer and cookies from my first email to them.) Another new brewery called Legacy Brewing was onsite with samples of two of their beers. I look forward to their official introduction to the area!

In addition to the exposure to the community, this pop-up inspired three new beer-infused cupcakes: Watermelon Gose with a Cream Cheese Frosting, Mango Kolsch with a Brown Sugar Frosting, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter with a Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting.

Thank you again to the amazing crew at Beer:30 San Marco for the support.If you have not visited this awesome spot, put it on your list.

Check out some pics from the event taken by Megan Michelle. Lookin’ professional! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Be sure to follow Merrily Baking It on Facebook and Instagram to learn about future events in the area!



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